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Vincent J. Osborne borne Feb 25,1962 has consistently maintained a concerted  self-taught  studies curriculum  while having influences of great artist from many cultures earlier on artist  VJO has responded to a calling of uniqueness  as early as the first grade he amazed school mates with this
Uncanny knack for artistic deployment .in fact all through his formative years of schooling he has been viewed as an artist prodigy having a heightened  sense  of hand eye coordination only seen in true artist in addition to a grasp of precision that is reminiscent to that of an architect  his continued interaction over the years with the public has given him a grasp for reading the market that is unprecedented  this combined  with thousands of consultations equips this artist with the necessary skills experience to provide the high level of excellence  in craftsmanship customer service  and professionalism  he has consistently maintained over his  many years of service .many boast of degrees  in traditional schooling  .this Artist has had training that  cannot be purchased for a price

And can only be acquired through determination in the face of obstacles, love of a craft hard work, respect and appreciation for people, and  love of god and family. This has lead to years of satisfied customers .in fact the most commonly observed sentiments of customers  are amazement awe surprise and satisfaction see for yourself you’ll be happy you did 
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